really would like to see MPC/MusePack support, MPC decodes easier then even MP3’s so it should make for even better batt life, also the quility of the audio is better per bitrate :slight_smile:

if somebody can add MPC support to the fuze that would RULE, I use vorbis now, but its my 2nd favorite codec, MPC being the one I like the most.

When it’s ready, Rockbox will give you MusePack support on your Fuze.

I am not confident it will show up in the official firmware as it’s not a big codec and they would support those first.

Of course you can try Rockbox as it is now, which in my opinion is pretty much finished. Some people won’t try it until it is on the list of supported players though.

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last i checked it wasnt ready for use on the v2 hardware only the v1 hardware and both of my fuzes are v2 :confused:

I know MPC isnt a big codec, but really ogg isnt either, What would help MPC gain popularity is if devices like sansa’s supported it :slight_smile: