Sansa has a new Owner’s Manual/User Guide (See Sticky Notes at top of C200 Community Threads). It is a great improvement over the guide furnished with the player.
I need more information, however. MTP mode is defined in the glossary, but other modes are not.
Specifically, what are:
MSC mode
MSD mode
Have I missed any?
Are these and MTP mutually exclusive?
Are they indicated on the Sansa display?
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msc = mass storage class
msd = modern sharin device… if im not mistaken, this is just another refrence to msc mode.

these modes are the ones that you will see across the board with sansa and other models that arent ipod. Sometimes referred to differently, but general the same results.

depending on the model; it will dispay when connected to the computer.

Thanks Enigma,
I googled Mass Storage Class. Lots of information.
Nothing, however, on Modern Sharing Device.
Previously I had googled MTP, and got a lot of information on Media Transfer Protocol by Microsoft.
Now I have the information for a re-view of the Sansa User Guide.

ok, maybe i was wrong…

**MSD Mass Storage Device + Most Significant Digit +  
 Microsoft System Diagnostics [Microsoft]**  

found it on this site

Thanks again. That’s a site I must remember.