MTP mp3 dc91/UseCount exists but not incrementing?

I’m looking at the MTP capabilities on my Clip 8GB (fw .32A) and I see it advertising the UseCount property under the MP3 capabilities:

       dc91: UseCount UINT32 data type ANY 32BIT VALUE form GET/SET

but when I query tracks that I’ve played (via libmtp), dc91 always seems to be set to zero.

I see some previous messages requesting playcount tracking on the board, but I’m not clear what firmware they were against, and whether it’s now fixed and I’m approaching it wrong, or it still remains on the todo list.

The Clip is a nearly perfect podcasting device, with this one glaring exception, so I’d like to think I’m doing something wrong.

Hmm, I wonder if it could be that although the Clip provides the get/set function, it doesn’t actually increment the value.

I was looking for this capability sometime ago (not as important to me now).

The only Sansa that I know of that actually increments the playcount is the no-longer-supported-but-can-be-found-amazingly-cheap-on-eBay Sansa Connect, which uses firmware created by Zing, not Sandisk.

Yeah, that seems to be true.  My kingdom for a ++ !  It seems like a trivial feature and a huge win, but as far as I can tell the firmware is closed, so who knows.

When you say it’s not as important to you now, did you find a better way to synchronize, or just lost the need?

Thanks for the reply.

I think it was just that I was in a honeymoon period with MediaMonkey and its ability to create great smart playlists … I wanted a smart playlist that would contain songs sorted in ascending order by playcount, so I could listen to songs I hadn’t heard on my player (I don’t usually listen to songs on my PC).  Eventually I just got used to not having it.

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