MTP mode questions: Can you edit ID3 tags? Can you move files?

I just updated my firmware to 01.01.29 and wanted to play around with the audiobooks and podcasts enhancements.  I transfer everything over in MTP mode since I listen to a lot of OverDrive & NetLibrary downloaded audiobooks (WMA files with DRM).  The audiobook files no longer live on my computer as I always delete them after syncing to my Clip plus I’m away from my usual computer.

I was thinking of editing the ID3 tags on the audiobook files or moving the audiobook files to the audiobooks folder.  I’ve tried and can’t seem to do it.  Is there a way to edit the ID3 tags in MTP mode?  Or move files to a different folder in MTP mode?

For the future: Is there a way I can control where the files are synced next time?  I use Windows Media Player to transfer the NetLibrary audiobook files plus all other non-downloaded (burned from CDs) music.  I use the OverDrive Media Console to transfer the OverDrive audiobook files and I think I remember seeing an option to tell it where to put the files on the Clip (or other media device).

An alternative would be to just change the ID3 tags for the audiobooks before syncing to the Clip but I’m curious about my other questions so that I don’t have to worry about correct tags for short-lived files.

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For Overdrive there is an advanced option during the transfer where you can change the transfer destination and change “Music” to “Audiobooks”.

Unfortunately,  WMP11 puts everything in the “Music”  folder.  But you can move files to another folder in MTP mode using Windows explorer.

A good alternative would be to place all your podcasts in a specific folder on your computer,  then using windows  explorer,  drag and drop the whole podcast folder to the devices “Podcast” folder.  This way your wont need to do anything to the tags.

If you need to stay with WMP11,  then you should right click the content and use the advance tag editor to change the genre appropriately.  I need to do this for Netlibrary files.

I found that the MediaMonkey music manager allows you to edit tags in MTP mode on the device,  however,  it cant see external cards in MTP mode (yet). 

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Thanks for the suggestions.  To clarify… by moving files I meant from the Clip’s Music folder to the Clip’s Audiobook folder since I no longer have the audiobook files.  Sounds like the best choice is to edit tags on the compter in WMP11 (or MediaMonkey or Godfather or MP3tag) before transferring those DRM-protected audiobook files from NetLibrary.  At work I tried with WMP10 to right click the content on the Clip and edit tags but it’s not possible.  At home I have WMP11 so I’ll give it a try tonight.  I don’t want to have to “check out” the audiobooks and download one more time.  Thanks again. :smiley:

Update : I changed the genre tag (and other tags too) for some DRM-protected WMA audiobook tracks located on the Clip (since the original files were deleted off my PC) using MediaMonkey with the Clip connected in MTP mode.  The tags look good in MediaMonkey but when I disconnected the Clip the changes are not visible.  I also didn’t see the “refreshing database” message when I disconnected the Clip.  When I played the changed audiobook files the displayed info on the Clip did not reflect my changes plus the new genre, artist, and album tags did not shop up when going into “Music … Genre/Artist/Album” menus.  When I plug the Clip back in, MediaMonkey still has the new tags.

Any other ideas?  Is there a way I can get the Clip to update it’s database without transferring new songs?

The thing with Media monkey is that it doesn’t not edit WMA tags.  I can’t seem to get it working properly, what would happen is you update the tag, and mediamonkey shows the change. but if you refresh the content in your library (remove from library and import back in), it shows the original wma tag. 

I was looking at the media monkey tag options and it only allows for settings for id3v1 and id3v2, which are only mp3.  however interesting enough, OGG tags edit fine, so I wonder why WMA doesn’t.

I’ve been using WMP11 / WMP10 to edit my tags.  They have mass tagging for same albums / artists, but the only thing they don’t have is where you can add tags from filenames or add filenames from tags.

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