MTP Mode and Rhapsody

After an hour of chatting with a Rhapsody technician, we came to the conclusion that the problem with authorizing my mp3 player with rhapsody was not coming from Rhapsody, but coming from the mp3 player. The problem is, even after changing the USB mode to MTP, rhapsody still recognizes it as being in MSC mode. I’m not sure if there is another option that I need to change on my player or not, but it is the only barrier keeping me from using Rhapsody To-Go with my player. If anyone could chime in on what to do, that would be great.

when the device is set to MTP mode how does it show up on your computer? if it shows up as a portable device with no drive letter then the computer see it in MTP mode just fine and the issue would seem to be with rhapsody. 

The Rhapsody client is dependent upon Windows Media Player 10 or later to provide the MTP connection.  So, let’s look at the Microsoft part of the equation.

MTP is a virtual mode supported by Windows Media Player.  Do you have WiMP 10 or later installed?  Note, you don’t have to use the mediamanager part of the application, but you need the DRM support running in the background.

Open Windows Media Player and look at Help > About.  If you have WiMP 9 or earlier, update your WiMP installation via Help > Check For Updates, and install 10 or later.

This will fix the MTP issue for you, and you’ll be able to authorize the device properly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: