MTP-IP Support


Does Sansa Connect support MTP-IP that means can I do song transfer with windows Vista over Wifi.


No. The Connect uses Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go service to download music via WiFi.

Out of general curiosity, is such a specification and/or protocal being developed over TCP/IP? Why isn’t or wouldn’t Microsoft be preparing such a system already, for use with Windows Media DRM? I’m surprised the Zune doesn’t have TCP/IP based DRM synchronization, yet. I mean Redmond had to of known such features were coming to the market (DAP w/ WIFI) so why wouldn’t it have already been done?

I’m sure, in the mean time Sandisk could in theory do 2 things on that path.

  1. Release a program allowing the wireless synchronization of unencrypted content between the Sansa Connect and your WMA/MP3 library.

  2. Add a UPnP client to the Sansa Connect that would function as a DRM capable PlayForSure device, thus allowing you to use Windows Media Player 11 to share DRM’ed content and stream it to the Connect, aswell as unencrypted files.

I can’t imagine Windows Media DRM over TCP/IP could be that hard to implement.

Just my $0.02… :wink: