Hi all :slight_smile:

I would like to write a small app to import ratings and maybe other information from the songs I have in my Clip while in MSC mode. I know I can import such information in MTP mode but I want to use my Clip in MSC mode under Linux.

For writing such application I would need to know the format of the MTABLE.SYS file format. Of course I could reverse engineer it, but that’s way too much work for nothing and it will take a lot of time. Given that I can write the basis of the application in a couple of hours if I have the exact format of the database file, I think it is more clever to give it a try.

Anybody here knows about the MTABLE.SYS file format? Anyone at Sandisk could provide that information if it is not a trade secret? Thanks a lot in advance!


You also could try asking at the Clip forum.

Pherhap you can check this post. The format is figured out somehow

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It is a starting point, but the underlying problem is lack of support of customers. Publishing the format of the database doesn’t reveal some “magic trick” that will lead to competitors to win against Sandisk, it just promotes interoperability.

I can’t understand why the heck Sandisk doesn’t publish such specifications…