MSC mode with micro SD card and MediaMonkey

hey, i asked this in the mediamonkey forums but didn’t get an answer. maybe someone here has seen it, too…

i connect via MTP mode and have fallen in love with MM’s ease-of-transfer via the SEND TO option. in MTP mode, the fuze pops up as a device in the main tree node and is the first option when right-clicking and selecting SEND TO (i usually send full albums, not playlists). i recently picked up a cheap 2GB micro sd card to expand capacity but the micro sd which cannot be recognized in MTP, only MSC mode. no biggie, right? i changed the connection mode and load MM. here’s where it gets weird: MM seems to only recognize one “drive” in the main tree node, either the fuze or the micro sd card. and what drive is “sees” seems to be random. starting MM, i will randomly get the fuze (as G:) or the micro sd (as H:) in the main tree node. going through the My Computer node allows me to see both (since windows does) and right clicking choosing the path SEND TO->FOLDER (COPY) allows me to select which ever drive isn’t in the main tree node during that start. but that’s an extra step, and i need to be extra careful not to select FOLDER (MOVE). lazy? sure, but i’ve got 2 questions:

  1. can MM be set to recognize both in the main tree node, such that both are available via SEND TO, without having to path through the folder selection?
  2. what’s up with the randomness? even if the answer to #1 is no, i’d prefer if MM always recognized the fuze in the main tree node. i’d survive going through the FOLDER (COPY) path if i needed to drop something in the micro sd card, but that isn’t what’s going on.

Unfortunately one of MMs limitations is the external card is not handled in MTP mode  (yet).

yeah, i figured, and i’m cool with that.

but the randomness as to what MM recognizes as the drive in the main tree (either the fuze or the external card) is the really annoying part. sadly, no one on the MM boards has replied to my question. i was hoping that one of their techs might have an answer.