MSC Mode and Numark Director D2

I’m considering using my Fuze as a backup player for my DJ system through a Numark Director D2 which can read MSC formatted USB devices (memory sticks and FAT32/NTFS/Mac hard drives) and list and play their contents like it was reading CD’s.  When I connect the Fuze to the D2, it recognizes the main memory, but it doesn’t see the microSD card.

I’ve set my Fuze to MSC mode and loaded all my music on it in MSC mode.  I see both the main memory and microSD card as separate drives when I connect it to my PC, and I can manipulate the files on both “drives”.

Does anyone know what the issue might be and possibly a fix?  Is there something I can send to Numark on how to fix this?

I realize this is a Numark issue more than a Sansa Fuze issue, but their forum has been down for a week or so, and I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone has any experience with this.