MP4s not Showing Up

Hey, guys. So, it seems that Sansa Fuze SHOULD be able to play MPEG-4 files (video). I was assuming MP4 is just that, but my music video is never showing up. Any ideas?

SanDisk is stretching things when it calls the Fuze mp4-compatible. 

Unfortunately there are lots of varieties of mp4. And you cannot just drag-and-drop over mp4 files, or other video files. 

All video has to go through the Sansa Media Converter.

By compatible, SanDisk only means that SMConverter can handle them.

You can also convert videos with Rhapsody. 

You can also convert videos with video4fuze, which will also work on OSX, GNU/Linux and any other Unix system :slight_smile:

THANKYOU GUYS! I’m almost ready to turn my Sansa into the perfect mp3 player…