mp4 codec with Quicktime

Is there anyway to load the mp4 codec from Quicktime without actually loading Quicktime?  Quicktime is slower than snot in january on my machine (XP Pro) plus their mime & file settings hijacked a lot of my settings.  Pissed me off, so I uninstalled it!

Or, is there another mp4 codec that will work that does not carry a lot of baggage or garbage along with it.  I tried ffdshow but that hijacked **bleep** near all my settings!  And, it won’t let you do a screen capture with video’s.

I have read various verbage on the internet that says that SMC will work with mp4 files.  I guess those writers must have already had a mp4 codec loaded!


Have you tried K-Lite codec pack? Google it. I don’t remember all that’s in it, but as the name implies it’s a ‘pack’ of codecs. :wink:

K-Lite uses the mp4 codec from ffdshow which does not allow Auto Clip Save in Thumbplus with mp4 video’s.  All you get is a black screen copied to the clipboard.

Da.  Use CCCP instead.  K-lite is a pain.

Bob   :smileyvery-happy: