Mp3tag got greedy

I just looked at the mp3tag website and the guy has loaded it with garbage.

You need to go to this page

and DON’T click on the big green download button, which is some other program. 

Instead click on the mp3tagsetup(version number).exe , which is currently version 2.59a. and just download that 2.5MB file. 

Don’t use any of the green download buttons, which don’t look trustworthy to me–toolbars, downloaders, evil stuff. 

What a shame. 

He’s just trying to survive–remember, he’s not charging a mandatoy fee for his program.

But I, too, dislike the deceptive download ads, which you can see all over the Internet.

I understand he wants some revenue for his work. But there are limits to how he should get it. 

For all I know his site has been that way for a while. I was accessing it on a new computer that didn’t have AdBlock Plus enabled in the browser.  With AdBlock Plus all the garbageware isn’t shown, and the setup file is right in the middle of the Downloads page ready to transfer. 

But now I understand some of the postings here where, people say:  I went to mp3tag and downloaded the program and it’s “Image Editor” or “Video Converter” or something, how do I tag my mp3s. The site with all the ads misdirects people. 

He has popup ads that are obviously ads for things like Google Play or colleges, and is getting revenue from those. He doesn’t have to also host shady ads for software that are the first thing people see. 

 Big download buttons for toolbars or other iffy stuff is unethical. The page could say, please try some of this other software to support me, or it could put the other downloads at the bottom–not up at the top where they look like they’re what you came to the site for. Some of the garbage he links to looks pretty bad. I would never install a mystery toolbar. 

I wouldn’t call it “unethical,” however.  And I guess if one disagrees with it, one simply can not go to the webpage.

I see it perhaps as a necessary evil, unfortunately.

I’m still on version 2.49, released in June of 2011.  Still does everything I need it to do so I’ve never bothered upgrading it.

^ +1.

One has to look carefully on any webpage that offers a download to ensure they are in fact downloading what they want, and not something from a 3rd-party.