MP3's freeze every now and then

I noticed that durring playback ever once and a while there my fuze freeze’s and then starts back up again. Is this a know issuse with some MP3’s? or an issue with my player? I noticed it was only with one of my albums so I’m wondering if it’s the MO3’s themselfs.


If it’s only happening with one album, I’d suspect the files. Was it a CD you ripped yourself? If so, I’d rip it again. That’s easy enough to eliminate the problem.

You could also run ChkDsk on those files to check for and fix any corruption. Is this album ‘unique’ in any way from all the others? Did you maybe rip it with a different program than you normally use, or at a different bit-rate? If you downloaded it, did you get it from the same place you get your other music from, or did you try somewhere else? You didn’t get it from a <Blechh> file-stealing sharing site like limewire, did you?

What about the ID3 tags? Have you checked those? If you downloaded this album, some places fill the Comments field of the ID3 tag with all kinds of useless and annoying clutter, ranging from their website address, to lyrics to the song, to full-blown reviews and credits of everyone associated with the album. This nonsense could cause something like this, but like I said if it’s only this one album giving you trouble, you just need to do some sleuthing to find out what is different about it than the others that play normally. :smiley:

There is a free program, mp3tag, that solves a lot of problems.

Download it and when you install it allow it to add itself to Context menus.

Open and set some defaults. 

Under Tools/Options/Mpegs/Write set it to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. 

Also set the default Comments to be <blank>

You won’t have to touch those again. 

Right-click on the folder holding your problem album. You’ll see mp3tag among the choices to open it. Click and you’ll see the tracks. Highlight them all and if Comments isn’t <blank> make it so. Under File, Save the tags. Go to Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard and pick the option for Leading Zeroes. Save them all again. 

This will clean up the tags, which are likely to be the problem with your album. Whenever you get an album from any source, do the Auto-Numbering and it will also put your tags in the right version and clean things up. 

Could the wire going from the player to my car aux in be doing this?

I was trying things and think it’s more of a wire issuse then player. It was doing it when I was using it, then I got home and tryed my headphones and did not do it, then I tryed another wire I had in my car and it has not done it since.

See what a little detective work and acute observation can do?


Elementary, my dear Watson! :stuck_out_tongue: