MP3 will errors upon hookup to computer

When I plug into the USB, the computer shoots a message up that there is an error reading hardware.  The playerstarts out saying writing, then flashes between writing and connected and the sandisk logo.  What is wrong?

The writing is normal for during connection because there’s an interaction between the PC & the player.  As for the flashes between “Connected” & “SanDisk”, it’s also normal because it’s implemented as animation to save on the life of the OLED screen.  There is nothing wrong with those.  The only problem that you’ve described might be the error reading hardware.  But it would be helpful if you can give me more details such as:

  1. Your OS system: XP Home or Pro, Service Pack 1 or 2
  2. Your media player: Windows Media 10 or 11
  3. Your USB: is it USB 1.0 or 2.0

The more details the merrier so that it’s easy to debug and help you out with your trouble.