MP3 recorder and player hybrid?

I really would like to see a device with high sound quality for music , a standard misro SDHC card slot, a scroll wheel, browsing by tags as well as folders(and with the ability to disable tag browsing and database refreshes) , shuffle, integration of card memory with main memory, both MTP and MSC modes, a good equilizer, and support for protected music(and subscription music) as well as high quality built in mics, a mic jack, powered by a AA or AAA battery, and having many features for managing and playing voice recordings including variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction, and sound enhancements to make low quality voice recordings more intelligible. I play many old lectures on my mp3 player which are of low sound quality and sometimes have trouble hearing parts of them above the noise.

I guess what I am looking for is something like a hybrid of the Fuze and the Olympus WS-700M recorder. I already have a Fuze, and am considering buying a WS-700M, but would really like to have one device that combines the functions of both of them.

Sounds like . . .

Sounds like . . .


No further comments? I am still looking for a device that would be great as both a player and recorder. The players available now are horrible at recording, and the recorders availble now don’t have tag browsing, don’t support protected files,  and most don’t support variable bitrate.

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