mp3 player shutting itself off

Just bought my clipzip today and already loaded music onto it BUT…it crashes after the 5th song and in my play all list…it doesn’t list all the songs that are on there. I have to go through all the music options to see all my songs. My firmware info is V01,01.20A.  please help…anyone. I called tech support and of course they are closed and are not open on the weekends.

Are the files of a sort that the Clips support?  And are the “major” ID3 tags filled in?

The Clip Zip navigates through your sonngs via the embedded  ID3 tags in each file. This is the album / artist / genre / song information, and not the “filename” of the file. You can locate your songs via the Folders option under Music to find them by filename, but this is a real pain.

Normally, music from online vendors will include the correct metadata in the form of ID3 Tags, as well as album art.

If you rip your music from CDs, using your computer and a media ripping engine like Windows Media Player, or Winamp, the ID3 tags are sourced from online databases. _Music from online sources other than vendors often will not include the proper metadata, _as you have no way of knowing where the files are from. If you rip CDs with the PC not connected to the internet, Windows Media Player cannot locate the proper data either.

WiMP has a built in ID3 tag editor.  Windows 7 is really nice, when you click on a music file, there is a quick editor at the bottom of the screen.

The Sansa needs **ID3 v2.3 ISO-8859-1 (Latin-I) **format tags.

If the Sansa starts a file, and immediately skips to the next one, the media may be of an unsupported format. 
There are many supported formats, with MP3, WMA, OGG, and FLAC being the most popular. The Clip Zip also supports AAC format from  iTunes , as long as it’s the DRM-free version.

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