MP3 player evolution

Imo the mp3 player market has evolved in the wrong direction. While the inclusion of a card slot in some models and higher storage capacities for flash memory based players are positive factors, the switch to a built in battery, a display that doesn’t stay on all the time while the player is playing, navigation by tags rather than folders, use of a proprietary connector, etc. have imo made players more difficult and less enjoyable to use. Why have we seen these undesirable changes? In the past I have enjoyed using Walkman tape players with AM/FM radio and portable CD players with AM/FM radio, however I still can’t find a decent flash memory based mp3 player with both AM and FM radio. I also don’t understand why mp3 players would be made without a display, and why Sandisk would choose to make them(the Slotmusic Player and the Shaker). How many others are  dissatisfied with all the mp3 players available now, and yearn for an easy to use AA battery based mp3 player that has a card slot, no video, both AM and FM radio, and that navigates by folders. My most recent mp3 player purchases have been those made by Sandisk(the Fuze, the Clip, and the Slotmusic Player). None of these come close to what I want in an mp3 player, however they are a bit closer to what I want than models by other player makers so I bought them. I was hoping for mp3 players to become more diverse over time, however it seems like as time goes by, mp3 players are all becoming more similar. :frowning: