MP3 format not available in Import CD Settings?

Apologies if this has been asked and answered. I did a board search and did not see it.

When importing CDs to my SanDisk Sansa Clip using the Rhapsody program provided, I find that the “MP3” format is not an “CD Importing Option” I can select in “Preferences (under CD Importing & Playback)”.

Nor is it available in “Import CD Settings” under “CD Options”

My choices are WMA, AAC, RA10.  

Well, the simple answer then would be not to use Rhapsody to rip your CD’s. There are many other (and better) CD ripping software programs out there, many of which are free.

I did think of that, but before I went to the trouble of finding a new ripper, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t somehow overlooking it or making a mistake.

So I can assume from your post that mp3 is just not an option with Rhapsody?

Is there a ripper you recommend?  Also, the handy thing about Rhapsody is it doesn’t require you to open another program (such as Windows Explorer) to drag and drop your files.  

Thanks in advance.

@sfgooner wrote:


Is there a ripper you recommend?

Personally, I like CDex, as a bit more user-friendly.  But all the really nifty rippers have a learning curve, given your greater ability to precisely control them.