MP3 files won't play--Err: "can't play--License expired"

I just got this Sansa Connect MP3 player and transfered some MP3 songs to it (file type: mp3 or wma). Those are songs I ripped from my own CDs to my computer and then transfered them to sansa connect. Some of the songs do play but most of others do NOT–I get instead an error on sansa display saying: “can’t play–License expired”. Any one is getting the same error  please help if know the fix. Thanks in advance for your help.
PS: I transfered the same songs that failed to play on sansa connect to another sansa player (different model not sansa connect) and they work just fine!

When you rip the CD, check in the rip options if you have protect copy music.

Thanks for your quick reply. I don’t think it’s an issue of copy protection because the same songs with the error above, I was able to transfer them to another Sansa player (Sansa e260) and they play just fine.

I haven’t seen any problems like this.

My mp3 rips play on my E200 players and Connects wihtout any problems.