MP3 Files dont Show in Playlist, Music Service Files do - Please Help

Using Napster Music Service.  I have ripped many of my old CD collection to MP3.  Napster lets me combine the MP3’s with the Napster Music.  The playlists copy perfectly,  all tracks including my own ripped MP3 show 100% complete.  But when I go to my Playlist - All the Napster Files show,  but not the MP3’s.  But… if I go to the Artist,  or Album folders on the Clip,  the MP3 files do show,  so they are copying,  but for some reason they will not show in the playlists.

Try Napster tech support? It’s their software…

Nice response H4.  With help like yours who needs enemies?  If you don’t know the answer don’t bother wasting our time.