MP3 files being misread

My 4GB Clip+ with 1.02.09A firmware consistently misreads MP3 files downloaded from  Foobar2000 correctly finds that the files have a bitrate of 74 Kpbs the correct length (an hour and ten minutes for this particular file) and mono audio.  The file plays fine in Foobar.  When put on the Clip+ the file is determined to be 160 Kpbs and an hour and 53 minutes long.  The file plays, but the incorrect length determination means that fast forwarding and rewinding pretty much put you in a random place in the file and if you turn it off in the middle, playback starts at the beginning again.  This is a particular problem because starting over means you have to fast forward back to where you were, which is impossible because the playback time you were at before was incorrectly determined and FF or RW don’t move you consistently around during playback.