Mp3 e260

My mp3 e260 says " Refresh Database " everytime i switch it ON or even when i PLUG it to my computer…it doing again and again , even i switch it ON…same message i got…can you help me through what to do?.

A V1 version of this model will do this every time it is turned on if an external memory card is inserted. It should not be doing this when plugging into a computer though. You may have a broken wire inside the cord preventing the date connection (easy and inexpensive to replace), or (more seriously) there may be a broken or bent pin inside the 30-pin port on the bottom that is hindering the data connection to the computer.

You might try looking in the port with a flashlight (or other strong light and a magnifying glass to see if there is any debris or lint blocking the connection of the cable plug, or if there’s any pins that appear bent of broken.

There is other option of doing checking the connector ports?.. even it was unplug i have the same " Refresh Database"… hope there is other option .

Other than looking into it and seeing if there’s anything in there that shouldn’t be in there? :confounded: