MP3 Clip silver 4GB music player

Hi. unfortunately my laptop can’t seem to recognise the drive. I did download your Sansa updater for 1.1.35 but it still won’t recognise it.

Feeling bit frustrated now. What must I do now?

I have window 7. And everything is updated now. 

Try switching the USB Mode (in Settings > System Settings) to MSC mode and it if it will connect to your computer that way.

Otherwise, try different USB port on the laptop and make sure it (the laptop) is plugged into AC power.

The Updater won’t do any good in this instance and you’re actually better off without it. It’s very easy to update the firmware manually when necessary.

USB mode… on computer? hmm where is it exactly?

MSC mode… wow totally lost :frowning:

No. The USB Mode is on the player. MTP Mode is for ‘protected’ .wma files like those you get from an audio file service such as Rhapsody or ‘loaned’ audio books from a library. MTP mode allows the licensing permissions to be sent with the file so it will play on another device.

MSC mode allows your computer to see the player as any other external hard drive or flash drive. It is a much simpler and straight-forward connection avenue.

The USB Mode can be found on your player in Settings > System Settings. There is also a 3rd mode which the player is set to by default from the factory, Auto Detect. This is supposed to automatically detect the correct mode to connect in, but unfortunately can engage either mode by itself. The problem with this is your computer can only see files while in the same mode as they were transferred in, so it’s is best not to use this as it can lead to user confusion.

Bottom line is, many connection problems can be solved by using MSC mode for connectivity. Which is why I suggested it. Hope this helps.

Hi Shar, just checking on this. So how did this work out for you?