Moving playlist from one clip to another... Exact model.

Hi.  So I bought a clip zip from best buy - should be this model [HERE](;jsessionid=204513279DD8533E2C9C1C4E1ABEEA3A.bbolsp-app02-140?id=1218373614839&skuId=3029079&st=sandisk clip&cp=1&lp=7)  (hope the link works) a few years ago.

Anyway I remember at the time having trouble moving/coping my basic 10 song playlist from my sanza fuze (which I got on sale btw - I’d never pay 70 bucks for a mp3 player)  to the clip.  

So now— with my left head phone sputtering - and me verifying it’s the player not the headphones… I want to swing by best buy and buy another clip. (40 bucks in 2 or 3 years isn’t THAT bad)   — BUT I don’t want to have to go through the originator I remember last time. 

I mean I could get songs on there from one to the other ok… .but the PLAYLIST wouldn’t transfer - I think I had to recreate it and I barely remember how to do that.  (yeah so I don’t download/buy songs that often.) 

I am hoping as they are exactly the same (at least they appear to be) this time that it would be easy - but I wanted to find out before I rushed out and bought it.

I’d like to just simply plug both into the computer, open folders up side by side and copy/paste the playlist over.    Is it that simple or do I have to move the songs individually back onto my computer and “create” the playlist all over again like I did last time? (because the playlist doesn’t appear to be a folder - or at least it wasn’t in the fuze but a um… not sure of word here - compressed maybe?   I mean I couldn’t see the songs individually… I had to use at the time software from one of the sites you buy from to set it up.)    

Anyway if it’s not that simple please give me the steps.  Again this is a playlist - not the “go to” (I created a separate list)  and not individual songs.   

Would be better if they would auto sync and copy everything from one to the other exactly how I have it now , including the pod casts I have on there.   Even if it deleted all the content from one and moved it to the other for copyright purposes I’d be ok with that.

thank you for your time.


If the layout is the same on both clips, everything including playlists shoud be the same.

So… does that mean I can just open up the “folders” on the one I have now (old) and drag and drop to the new one? (one I’m going to buy)  Or is it more complex then that?