Moving files re My Computer


Sorry again with another stupid ?

When we downloaded an audio book fron Net Library via WMP it created a sub folder in the Fuze ‘Music’ folder. I transfered the files via My computer drag & drop to ‘Audiobooks’ folder.

Since then every time I try to drag a file in My computer to Audiobooks folder it just goes on for ever & nothing moves the screen just shows ‘Moving etc’

Is there something wrong with the fuse or my PC?

Any ideas please & sorry I know I am not up to scratch with this stuff


NetLibrary files probably have DRM (digital rights misery) built in, telling the unit how long you can keep the books before they expire.  That means you can’t just drag and drop them. You have to send them through Windows Media Player with the Fuze in MTP mode, so that along with the books the hidden encryption keys for DRM can be transmitted by WMP.

You may need to change to MTP mode. Settings/Systems Settings and look for a USB Mode switch. Change it to MTP. Then download the books to Windows Media Player and have it send them over. 

Your library should also have step by step information on how to do it.