movies and dvd hookup with fuze

Im wanting to get a fuze primarily to use on my trucks dvd player. I want to download full movies on it and play them through my indash dvd player for the long trips. How can I hook it up to the player and how many movies will the 8gb hold? How does it sound through a cd player?

The Fuze doesn’t have a video out, nor is there a line-out cable available for it. Additionally, putting videos on the Fuze will take a minimum of one conversion, possibly two, and a lot of people have had audio/video sync issues with long videos like movies…plus, the resulting files will typically be much larger than the download, so the Fuze won’t hold as much as you might expect.

The Sansa View will have what you need, or you’ll have better choices of accessories/cables with more mainstream players like the iPod or Zune. Archos has some good video players, and they probably stand the best chance of playing without conversion.

I’m not anti-Fuze! I love my little Fuze. Its a great little portable music player, but it would just be a very bad choice for this application.

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Yea, I have an archos, just dont like the plug-ins for it.

8gb will hold 10-12 movies.  Of course depending on the size.  On one I have 8 because of the size of the movies. 

Yes there are 2 converters you have to use.  One to convert the video, then the SMC. 

I find I like the movies, even with some (not all) having an audio/sync problem.  Doesn’t bother me.  I normally don’t watch it that close.

For a portable dvd, I’m not sure how that would work.  I would check your manual if there is one, or look online for others who have used the same one for the same video player.  You may be able to find a cable at radioshack or somewhere.  I know there are portable players that work with mp3 players so it is doable.