Motorola Atrix 2 problem

When trying to use on my Atrix 2 it will not show the memory card.  Tried rebooting phone and still no memory card.  Shows the intenal phone memory with no problems.  


Perhaps, you need to format the memory card like I did. Here’s the guide (point 7) -,6720,8109 link to other solutions. However, other variants didn’t help me with it.

Did you check your SD card in another mobile? May be it is possible  the motorola atrix 2 SD Card slot is demage or something else 


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format your sd card


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If the Micro SD card is larger than 32GB, the phone will not be able to read the Micro SD Card. Try some steps hope it work:

  • Power the phone off and on
  • Remove and Insert the Memory Card
  • Perform a Software Update
  • Format the Memory Card

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