Mofified time of files transfered to the stick from PC changes


Is there a timezone setting for the Sandisk Wireless Connect Stick?

Every file I transfer to the stick from my PC has its “modified time” changed. The files were not modified, just copied.

e.g. original “modified tme” is 06:07:57 PM, but becomes 02:07:57 AM


the wireless stick when connected to a PC is a simple MSC device. It is not running any real time clock and has no setting to change any date and time. Is the clock on the PC correct? Do you see similar issues when transferring files to other USB drives?

Hi drluck,

Files transfered to other USB sticks retained their modified time.

Files transfered to the Sandisk Wireless Connect via its wireless connection have their modified time changed to current time of my PC plus 8 hours (future time).

Files transfered to the same stick via USB connection retained their modified time.

This happenes on two different laptops.

wireless transfer is a bit different type of transfer than direct connect. Date modified will be changed but the date created should stay the same. If you need the file to retain the same data modified date when using with a computer I would suggest using the USB connection.