Modify the Pure-FTPd welcome message?

The Media Drive is running a Pure-FTPd server which displays a 4 lines welcome message on connect.

When trying to tranfer files over wifi from a Toshiba FlashAir card the FlashAir does not handle welcome messages longer then one line.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to gain access to the Pure-FTPd config on the media drive in anyway so the config can be altered?


The SanDisk Wireless Media Drive and Toshiba Flash Air card have their own dedicated App through which they work. If you want to transfer information wirelessly, you need to have a common interface for both of them. Also, both the devices emit Wireless signal and any device be it computer, iOS or Android phone and tablets can only connect to a single WiFi network, which again limits the wireless transfer between both the devices. The best way to transfer would be to insert the card inside the Wireless Media Drive and via the SanDisk Media Drive App transfer the content of the Toshiba Air Flash card to the Wireless Media Drive Internal Memory.


Thanks for your feedback.

As both systems offers wifi connectivity and one runs a FTP server and the other is LUA scriptable and does FTP transfers and other creative scripting solutions, I wanted to use just that.

Removing a wifi enabled and scriptable memory card and place it in a wifi enabled card reader to transfer photos do kind of defeats the ideas of both products.

Of course there’s a simple way for Sandisk to remove or offer an option to restrict the length of the welcome message.

Anyway I’ve found another wireless cardreader that does FTp server without the lenghty welcome message so I’ve kind of stopped using the  WMD which is to bad because it’s such a great device in all other aspects.