Mod Admins forgive

I know this is a little out of place for me as I try to be as polite and helpfull as I can. However I just need to get this off my chest.

Ok Connect users…

 I see alot of you posting complaining about the Yahoo service ending and yelling and blaming SanDisk.  If you use this little thing called the internet to do more than complain about the latest thing to displease the masses, you guys would read how Yahoo pulled out leaving SanDisk high and dry with no say so in the matter.

Alot of you are blaming Sansa for this… This is like Blaming Ford or Chevy for creating a car that was sold to you by a car salesman and complaining to the maker when you get a flat tire.

A few threads I have read talk about making a new firmware to access other venues of online access… This brings up 2 points

(Mods, please feel free to comment on this should you agree)

  1. The Firmware for the Connect is the most difficult to create as it serves multipal functions

    Video\Pictures\Music and on top of all that, online access to Yahoo Launchcast\messenger and  

    subscription not to mention the added coding for the external speaker and WiFi antenna, TPC\IP Transfer

    Protocols, etc, etc ,etc

    Basicly, these guys are having to create a full mini OS for the player opposed to standard firmware

    for the other players.

 2. Creating firmware for the standard players alone takes months at times just writing the code, checking  

     the syntax, testing, debugging, retesting, compiling to beta test in the units, etc,etc,etc


For those of you out there ( including the Mods )  that know how to program will understand this.

    When creating a program of any kind, the language that you are programing in may run fine, but 1 changed line of code can cause a programmer to have to change or alter previous lines that would cause errors in other areas to error out the whole thing.  I’ve been programming and in computers and networking for 10 years and if any of you think what those guys do is easy, then try doing it for 10 minutes yourself.

Not to mention , you want to complain to these guys, You all come asking for help on issues. Are you going to complain to your doctor whos about to do surgery on ya?

So before you go complaining about something you people dont understand and cant comprehend, Maybe you should ask if they are actually researching this issue to come up with a solution in some way.

Ok, so yeah, I had to get this off my chest. Sorry Mods

Ill go back to being a good boy now.

as I’ve said in the other thread, we have never expected them to develop an entire new OS for the player. Almost everything is already functioning properly (TCP/IP stack, wireless drivers, music storage, management, and playback, etc). All we want is the ability to sign our own firmware to load on the player, and the open source of the existing code. This way the community developers can create an alternateive streaming plugin to listen to shoutcast or streams.

I realize that purchasing downloadable files with DRM might be more tricky and never appear in this way, but who does that anyway? Unless you’re content with 4gb of purchased music forever. LOL. Non-DRM file transfers from your own PC, however, should be doable. 

connect is not created by sandisk alone.  they also have Zing as their partner.  how do you think will they react if sandisk just give the source to anyone?  it’s more complicated than you think…

Well, what good will an open source do ya? If youre wanting open source to obviously recode with, you should be able to decompile as well…