Mixes don't auto update

I have a sansa connect, and the weirdest things happen. Anybody else with similar problems?

I will select “Create a mix like this playlist”

and it’ll create a mix and start adding a bunch of songs to it. I’m anxious so I’ll go and start listening when there’s only about 2 or 3 songs on it. Then a while later I’ll check and behold, there are now 10 tracks available (7 new!). How exciting is that? So i enter the mix, and i scroll through to see only the first three that I saw earlier and nothing more. What happened? Nothing’s updating?! I can power off (hold the button till it shuts off for real) and then power back on, and sure enough the tracks are there… but how annoying is that?


when making mixes and downloading playlists, more than 50% of the tracks fail to download. If you go retry download, 25% of the time, it might work. What gives? This is it’s core use and it doesn work! SANDISK WTF?!

My MixLists do not update either, and sometimes the quantity listed as “New” is incorrect as well. Not sure how to fix, but it’s a shame. The MixList feature could be pretty cool if i worked.

Maybe you need to have autodelete set on under Music and Mixes settings so that it can make space for the new downloads.

I have auto delete on - but that’s not the case.

The numbers are correct, when I turn off (HARD POWER OFF) the device and then start it again, all the tracks it says it has are listed. It’s just annoying to have to reset the player to reflect the obvious changes.

Here’s a question, after I listen to a mix, when does it automatically change and update itself? I’ve had it for a while, and I play launchcast a lot, so it’s online a lot, but the mixes aren’t changes at all…