I just bought a fuze+ 2 weeks ago and it WAS working fine. Recently it started disconnecting while I had it plugged into my computer with the USB cord. NOW all the files are messed up. There are music files in the video and the picture sections, individual songs in the playlist area etc… When I plug the fuze+ into my computer, all the files show up in the right spot so I can’t delete or fix anything. On the device itself, I can’t delete any of the files that are in the wrong places because they won’t play. When I got my player 2 weeks ago, I downloaded the latest firmware. I have no idea what’s wrong with this thing or how to fix it. I tried to restore, but that won’t do anything. Can anyone help me?

The database has probably been corrupted. If you still have copies of all your files on your computer, you could format the player and reload all your stuff.

Thanks, It’s fixed now! I switched the USB mode from auto-detect to MSC, then downloaded the LATEST firmware. I only had the firmware listed on the Sansa Updater (which IS NOT the latest), so I just updated it manually with the file listed on this board.