Mix PC and Mac?

Morning!  Seems like I’ve seen this before, not sure where…when transferring to my Sansa Clip Zip, is it ok if I mix  iTunes and Windows Media Player?  I have access to both a mac and pc, and just wondering if i can use both with my Clip Zip.  thanks for any input! 

Your Clip Zip should play well with a Mac.  Note that to use a Clip with a Mac, the Clip needs to be set to USB MSC mode.  Also, some Mac users report that transferring files from a Mac can cause a Clip to freeze, the result of the Mac creating and placing “ghost” files on the player (and other non-Apple devices)–a solution is to use software such as Hidden Cleaner (Internet freeware) to transer files from a Mac to 3rd party devices.  

I don’t use iTunes (or WMP, for that matter–I simply copy and paste files to put them onto my Clips, quick and easy!)–will leave that part of your question to others.