missing memory after erasing voice audio using Macintosh

I tried to erase the “voice” recordings=several hours of them. They are gone but so is the memory attached to them. Now I am short at least a gigabit and can’t add any more songs or use the voice to record audio. what to do? Must I empty it and reformat? i am using a Mac but even PC’s do not detect the missing memory anywhere.

Chances are they aren’t really deleted; they’re still taking up the memory space but the reference to them is gone.

When you use a Mac and delete files from the player, remember you have to empty your ‘Trash’ before disconnecting (the player) for the files to actually be deleted. Otherwise, you end up with a situation like you have; all reference to them gone, but memory space still allocated.

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OK-brilliant-so what do I do now?

Re-connect to your Mac and empty your trash.

that didn’t work. Maybe it had been too long. the trash was already empty and I remembered that after I had deleted the files from the disk by computer I tried again by hand

Well then, at this point maybe you should just format the player, which will erase all user-added content from the memory and re-load your music, books, etc. Better to use the Format option on the player than try to format it with your Mac.