Missing disk space in 8GB Clip+

I just did a reformat on Windows 7 on my 8GB Clip+ using FAT32. After it’s done, file space are reported correctly.

Then I did a format using the format feature in Clip+ in order to get the folders back. I did a chk on the file space and 178MB was used. I can’t find anything inside all the folders that could have taken up the space so now I’m stumped. Is this normal?

yes, the internal firmware has that space reserved.

Hi icsterm,

thanks for the reply. After I made my first post, I did a chkdsk on the Sansa Clip+ (connected via MSC), it detected lost files and some other errors. It’s weird to me that chkdsk shld report it as such after I did a full format via Windows 7 followed by the format feature in the Clip+…