missing audio book

I’m a newbie and am lost

My Computer\Sansa Clip 2GB\Internal Memory\Audiobooks

shows the audio book

but the audiobook selection on the clip is empty 

how do I get it there?

The format of the audiobook is?

when I click properties on the file it says open with  “OpenOffice.org 3.0”

how do I find the format?

I just need the filenames extenion.

eg audiobook.mp3  or .wma or??

I have no idea how to find a file extension

the file is sitting on my desktop

found it -

extension is .odm

after moving it to the audiobook folder in the internal memory folder of the **bleep** folder on my computer

is there something I need to do to get it copied to the actual MP3 player

See microsansa’s knowledgable and sage advice below …


Message Edited by Miikerman on 03-15-2009 10:29 AM

You have an Overdrive Media format file.  To use the file on your Sansa, you need to be in MTP mode.  Transfer the file using the Overdrive Media console.  The file cannot be directly dragged and dropped to the player, as it has license data.