Mini SD card class

I was wondering if the class 2 minisd card was compatible with my 4gb sansa fuze. I want to upgrade my memory, just wanted to make sure I bought the right card.

No, but the Micro SD card is, regardless of class (speed) or memory size. :wink:

haha u know i mean micro. so class doesnt matter?

Nope. Not for an mp3 player as the class (or speed) of the card is rated on the ‘writing to’ not ‘reading from’ speed. This is important if you’re using the memory card in a camera for quick recovery when taking multiple shots, but doesn’t matter in the least when using it in an MP3 player.

You might notice a slight decrease in the transfer time when loading your card with files from your computer if you’re doing it all in one shot with a higher Class card, but it would be it.