MIDI support?

How many people would find it useful if the next update contained MIDI support. I’m not really sure if I would find it useful but there might be times it could come in handy. What would really be amazing but impossible would be to record midi onto the fuze. For instance they could make a cable that had the proprietary cable on one end and on the other end would be the plug for MIDI devices. THis would be cool because you could just be anywhere with a MIDI instrument, quickly record it to your fuze and transfer it to your computer later.

Most wont find it useful I wouldnt think. I am a musician with a host of midi devices, but all either hook to my pc or have an output to my pc. On My PC I can use audacity to convert midi to wav or mp3 or (Soon I hope) formats like Vorbis and Flac. Those are easy to put on the fuze. If However We could output things like Voice recordings to midi devices for beat detection or underlay of music, that would rock, that wont happen new hardware would be needed.

yea if they did add more things like midi support or output to the fuze I’m sure it would be EXTREMELY popular with musicians and many other people too. too bad its not very plausible or cost effective.

The AMS chip in the Fuze has 2 stereo lineinputs, 2 microphone inputs & a 10 channel mixer (can mix linein,micin & DAC out,L-R independant,AGC optional). Only 1 of the mic inputs is utilized in the Fuze. Maybe a future Super-Fuze will use more capabilities of the AMS SOC!

interesting. it does sound like the fuze has the ability to become a device with awesome features

I’m not with Sansa, but I do use MIDI devices and work repairing PCs. The Sansa doesn’t have any real MIDI chip (like the original ADLIB and later SoundBlasters), but could record audio and data. I think it would have to be added to, I don’t think the current unit as it is can do it, but stereo recording function would be useful to all users and as long as your adding things MIDI, at least as serial data could easily be added. I think you’d need to add a chip for it to really play MIDI like computers do. You’d also need to make it a USB master to handle MIDI input even as data from a keyboard or such device, at present it is only a client (the PC is the USB bus master). It is currently a storage device and can store any data even if it can’t really use it (there is some MIDI mixed in with some of my MP3s). As for stereo recording, the only thing it needs is the jack changed to stereo and possibly some firmware changes.

hm… it would be great if they included some of this in the next update. i wonder how hard it would be to add midi playing support