Microsoft office fies do not save on the usb drive

I have 4gb cruze usb drive.

everytime i save directly from microsoft office software, like Word, it does not save.

when i first save it and check on the folder, it’s there.

but after i safely remove it (from window), and plug it back in, the file does not exist anymore.

how would i fix this?

are you sure you are actually saving the file on the flash drive and not somewhere else? i would try saving it to your desktop for instance then copying it to the drive. see if that works. if the file is saved to the drive it will not just disappear 

In response to Dr Luckys reply to the original poster, I’m afraid it can happen and is also happening to me.  I can’t understand how, but it is.  If I copy files to the usb stick, all appears to be well until unplugging the device and attempting the retrieve the files.  They simply are not there.  I have used two different computers and the same thing happens on both. 


If the USB stick is removed from the computer without using the Windows Safely Remove Hardware option or the U3 Safely eject U3 smart drive option the FAT on the stick is not updated and the files will not be completely saved.