MicroSDHC Support for older versions of the c200 and e200!

The subject is self-explanatory.
After kinda 3 weeks that I bought my c250, the c200+ were launched with microsdhc support. ¬¬
If it depends on a software update, please release new firmware versions including this feature!
Love my c250 but I really would like to be able to use microsdhc in it! Already use a SanDisk MicroSD 1Gb…

And sorry for the bad english.

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The e200 with Rockbox installed can work with microSDHC.

And what about the c200?

They are still working on the C200.

Which player supports SDHC? Can you give the link to it?

I have a Sansa Express and a 4GB Micro SDHC card that doesn’t work in it and would love to get a player it will work in. SanDisk doesn’t list any on their site, so which is it?

The new c200 that they’re selling now work! They are known as c200+ or c200 V2.
Sansa Connect is compatible too…

Where do you get them? I don’t see them anywhere, hate to be anoying but can you get a link?

ANY c200 and Sansa Connect they’re selling now support microsdhc. You could call Sandisk and ask about the retailing store you wanna buy it, just to be sure.
But seems the new version of these players bring in their package the MicroSDHC symbol. Beside their slot is written MicroSD but they support the SDHC version.
That’s what I’ve read here in this forum.
You could search for topics about “microsdhc”.
Good luck.

I am just asking a firmware update to make the older versions of c200 and e200 compatible with microsdhc.

@sansa_e280r wrote:
The e200 with Rockbox installed can work with microSDHC.

This sounds great, but I’ve been searching for this for awhile and haven’t found anything about this. Do you have any links where you found this information?


They should be adding SDHC support to all of these players, AND the Express.

Why aren’t they doing this ?