microSDHC for the Sansa Clip question

I saved most of my purchased audio books  on to 4 microSDHCs using my little Sansa Clip.  Today my little Sansa Clip failed.  I thought I could just move the microSDHC over to my old Sansa Fuze and continue listening to the book.  Unfortunately, I got a message that basically said this would not work because the material is only accessible from the device used to save it.  

Is there anyway to work around this?  If I buy a new Sansa Clip will I be able to listen to my books or is the material only accessible from the orignial Sansa Clip?

Thank you for your time.


Try saving the files on Windows Media Player and play them. Then re-transfer back to the new player. Don’t know if that will work but it’s not bad to try though. :wink: