MicroSDHC Card & Reader SanDiskMediaManager (installed) crashes

BrandNew sparkling MicroSDHC Card & reader with installed Sandisk Media Manager

… doesn’t run … crashes on running the application … any chance of receiving a promo code to download a new version ???

nearly a year later, I am having the exact same problem… since I’m the only one to reply to this thread, I assume it’s never been resolved.

Anyway, in case anyone’s reading, here’s the deal:

Just bought a 32 GB SanDisk Micro SDHC card.  Downloaded the Media Manager software.  Installed without issue.  When I launch the first time, I’m asked to configure library locations, etc.  No problem.  When this is done and the app launches in earnest, it immediately crashes.  I’m running Windows 7.

I have the very same problem, despite change the compability settings to win xp sp2, as well as run as administrator without success… still crashes rendered unusable… SANDISK, please provide support and fix this… THANKS>>>

hi everyone!

i bought a new sandisk 8gb microSDHC card and to transfer my music files to my card, i downloaded SanDisk Media Manager with code. Firstly, program selected my language, destination folders, etc. ; program was running normally, but while it was detecting my music files, it crashed. i closed and opened it again and again but after a few seconds that program started, it crashes.

i reinstall program, runned in admin, tried some compability modes (win xp sp2-3, etc…), closed my anti-virus program, etc.; but it always crushes whatever i do. 

i use win7-64bit home premium, i7-740Q proccessor,  AMD Radeon HD 6370M graphic card and 4GB RAM.

i think there are a lot of people that having crash issues, but nobody need to enter a entry to here, so i think if you solve this problem, you may help many people, not 4 man that wrote that issue here…

so, sorry for my bad language :slight_smile: and i hope that somebody  will solve this issue.


The mailman just delivered a Sandisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC Card with Adapter 32GB Class 10 UHS Speed Class 1 that I bought two days ago.

I downloaded and installed the Sandisk Media Manager and it did and does exactly what you guys said. When searching for my media it crashes over and over again.

I hope you fix this issue soon.

I’m on Windows 7 64bits using the English version of the system running on Intel Q9400 @ 3.0Ghz with 4GB RAM desktop.