MicroSDHC card on Clip+ 8gb: impossible to copy/play files >>>help needed

Here are the facts, I HOPE someone can help me:

-I bought a Transcend MicroSDHC Class2 8gb card for my Clip+ 8gb, FW v 01.02.15F

-Installed the card in the slot: in both MTP and MSC modes the new card shows up in my PC Explorer’s window.

-When I try to copy files from my PC running Win7 x64, in MTP mode on “External uSD card” I get an error message “impossible to copy”

-In MSC mode i can copy entire folders without problems; but they do NOT show up in the Clip+ folder menu (ie they are not accessible from the Clip+ in any way)

-I reformatted the card with the HP  USB Storage Tool, as suggested in this forum, the result doesn’t change. I am not able to move folders from the internal memory to the MicroSDHC card either.

  • In the end, this is the situation: The card shows up, it’s correctly identified by the Clip+ (in the Info section, its size and free space are correctly reported) but is unusable! I cannot see where is the problem. I do not think the slot is damaged or faulty (I can format the card in the Clip+). The card is perfectly usable outside the Clip+. It’s NOT an ID3 tag problem (everything in the internal memory works fine).

Please help me, this is a very frustrating situation.


Message Edited by trivistor on 07-11-2010 05:30 PM

What do you see in Music > Folders? Is it the folder structure right away or:

Internal Memory

External uSD Card

I can see:

Internal Memory

External uSD Card

with other folders inside each actually.

UPDATE: I was able to tranfser a few files before the CLip+ hanged.