Microsd & tag info

Hi everybody, I just got a Connect and a 8gb microsd card. When I try to transfer music to the internal memory using WMP everything works like a charm; but when I transfer the same files to the expansion card all the tag information isn’t shown (except for the album art which is embedded in the file) and it just appears with the file name, no artist/title/album info at all. Now when I put the card in an adapter I see that all the tag info is still there, so I understand that maybe the problem lies in the player itself, I already made sure to get the latest firmware and also formatted the card in fat32. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? maybe it’s something that I’m doing wrong, when I first inserted the card there were some files in it and the player recognized all their tag info, maybe I shouldn’t have formatted it, Help please!

Edit: I just tried transfering a WMA file, all the info appeared correctly; it’s just a mp3 issue now 

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I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but when you say the Connect displays the filenames, I believe this is because the filenames must be stored in the tag information … the Connect can only display tag information, not file information such as the file name.

An MP3 can have several different ‘sets’ of tags stored in it, IDV31, IDV32 etc.  So it could be that you have the correct information in one set, and the filename in a tag in the other set, and for some reason, the Connect displays one set for internal memory MP3s and the other set for expansion card MP3s.

So if you can get a program that lets you look at and edit the tags, you may be to confirm that this is what’s happening, and then copy one set of tags to the other.  Many people use this program:


Thanks for your feedback, I’m already using Mp3Tag. When I edit the files there the problem shows up. I tried ID3-TagIT and I think some advance is finally being done:

I found out that

-Some older mp3’s in my Pc can actually be transfered with all their info, when I open them with ID3-tagIT I see these properties:


These are the ones that can be transfered normally, the device shows everything including artwork, the thing is that these covers aren’t even embedded in the files.

-And the mp3’s which gave me trouble:


The “Version 1” column is empty, I suppose it refers to the ID3v1 tags, I tried editing this part with mp3tag and the other program but it changes to version 1.0 (not 1.1 as the older files) and the device doesn’t read it. I also found out that if I edit the files with the explorer it does change the tags to version 1.1 and the device reads it! BUT the artwork doesn’t show then. This is really bugging me :expressionless:

The issue now lies on getting the device to recognize/show the artwork, it’s really weird since those older files work perfectly. Thank you again, I hope we can solve this out.

I don’t have a Connect so I’m shooting from the hip here, but all the other Sansa mp3 players have a definite preference as to the format of ID3 tag that works best. It’s ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1. You can set it to this default in MP3Tag, open up and highlight all your files, click the Save button and it will re-write all to that format ‘en masse’.