MicroSD read only

Hi, apologies if the question keeps being asked, but I have not found an answer through Googling.

I have purchased a Sandisc microSDHC UHS-1 card, 8Gb, through my local Saisbury. I did so because I wanted to transfer some videos from my main computer to my tablet, and watch them.

When I got the card home I saw on the back, in extremely small print I had to take a magnifying glass to, ‘download required’. Attempted to locate and download memoryzone, which would not download on my machine, which runs Linux Ubuntu. I don’t want to install it on my tablet, a cheap £50 thing that i have not yet web enabled, as I simply use it as a viewer, which it does very well.

I googled and found comments that i don’t need the download, but there may be issues with ‘read only’.

yes, when i attempted to drag and drop files I saw a ‘read only message’. Attempted to change preferences unsuccessfully. Moved the little switch and found still ‘read only’.

Just to add, my tablet is an android.

I have not even got this to my tablet yet. I just want to spend time watching video clips, not sorting this out!

Any thoughts appreciated. Otherwise, it is going back to the shop.