microsd is not recognized in my fuze when changed usb mode

Hello! I have recently owned a sansa fuze 8gb. The usb mode was originally set to autodetect. I did not change it, procedeed with a firmware update (v02.02.26f) and started loading with music files. Afew days later i added a 16gb microsd card, format it and loaded some mp3 files. After i read in this forum that the reccomended usb mode is msc i changed the usb mode on my player. I formated the internat memory but i was unable to format the microsd card. Even when i removed the microsd card, my pc still finds an external drive that is not formated. I switched to autodetect usb mode once again formated the internal memory but this time i was unable to format the microsd card. Can somebody please help me?

MSC mode will always see two drives, whether you have a card in the slot or not. 

MTP mode (which is what you may be getting with Auto Detect) doesn’t like the card because it doesn’t want to transfer DRM (digital rights mess) information to a card that you could remove and put it a different device.  So stick with MSC.

Make sure the card is all the way in the slot. You should hear a little click when it catches, and you have to push it in again (another click) to un-spring it and take it out. 

There’s always a chance that it’s a bad card, but if you can, check it in another USB device or a card reader. If it’s a Kingston card, some people have reported trouble with that brand. 

Thanks for the quick reply. I was unable to format the card (msc usb mode) with the format command but I managed to format it using the windows disk manager (from My computer–> Manage --> Disk Manager). So now everything seems to be ok! And the msc mode is so much better. Thanks again. Aris.