MicroSD & Internal Memory Library Integration / File Organization

So I just got a 8gig Fuze and an 8gig microSD card, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about adding and organizing music.

I have 12 gigs of music that I want to add, all of which is tagged (I’m **bleep**) and some of which is in existing Winamp playlists. I’ve spent so much time over the years putting together the playlists that manually opening each *.m3u file and running a find/replace to lose the extra \ is not a big deal to me at all, and that’s not why I’m writing. I’ve got both devices (in MSC) recognized in Winamp and can sync or add songs to either one. I have all my playlists and their corresponding songs (first priority) added to the internal memory and now I want to fill up the rest of the space on the player/card with random leftover songs from the rest of my library. I’m working on doing an autosync in Winamp based on a few queries, but if I run that and put the music on the card then there’s potential of adding the same songs that are on the internal memory as part of a playlist.

How does the Fuze deal with this? Do songs show up twice? Is the player/card integrated so it “knows” that one song is a duplicate and won’t play that one? Does anybody have any suggestions or anybody care to share how they organize their music on their players/cards? Adding all the music to the internal till it’s full, then spilling the rest onto the card, and rebuilding playlists again would work wonderfully but is NOT an option in my case. Cause I’m lazy. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, the Fuze isn’t smart enough to recognize duplicates–it will just list and play them twice.