microSD adapter

I’m new at this technology so forgive my ignorance.  I ordered a 4g memory card to go with my new LG cell phone and received the SD micro memory card and an adapter.  I have installed the memory card, but what do I do with the adapter?  I have a cord to connect my cell phone with my Mac to download photos, but I don’t know what to do with the Adapter.  

You don’t HAVE to use the adapter if you want to use the phone connected via USB cable to your computer.  The adapter is to use if you want to read or write to the card in the computer.  Most computers have a full-sized SD card reader, but can’t use micro SD cards.  Just insert the card into the adapter and then into the computers SD card reader. 

Most (but not all) memory card readers only take a full sized SD card in it. The adaptor is used when wanting to connect a micro SD card to a computer via a USB car reader, or if you want to use a micro SD card in a camera or device that takes a full sized SD card.

Hang on to it; even though you haven’t a need for it at the moment, you never know when it might come in handy, either for you or someone you know or work with.  :wink:

Thanks for the information.  It all makes sense now.