micro SDHC problem, have tried everything said on this forum


I have a Sandisk Express and a 4GB SDHC card also from Sandisk. I work on Vista in MSC mode and have the firmware 01.01.12 . I have formatted my card already in a card reader, in the express, with special software and with the function on the Express but when I put songs on the card, the express don’t see them. I have always formated to Fat 32, but once I formated it on Fat 16, then I could put about 100 songs ( 800 mb ) on my Express and afther that there came an error on my computer that said that the Express doesn’t reacted anymore. So I think I have done almost everything, what can I do more? ( maybe my english isn’t very well, but I ’ m from Belgium, so excuse me for that :slight_smile: )