micro sdhc card...help please!!!

i’m having trouble formatting micro sdhc card with my computer, i have xp pro sp2, when i go to my computer and open the removeable disk folders it wont recognize the card but when i put another micro sd card no problem. is there a difference between the sd and sdhc? should i just stick with sd? thanks for your feed back. frustrated consumer…:angry:  also i have another question,i don’t like earbuds, are there good quality headphones for the sansa fuse? 

Are you attempting to format it in a card reader or the player? If in the player, make sure it is in MSC mode, and the files system should be set to FAT32.

Normally these cards do not need formatting (especially if new). Why are you trying to do it?

And no, there should be no difference between SD & SDHC when it comes to fomatting . . . unless you are trying to format an SDHC card while it is inserted in a e200 series v1 model. If so, that player won’t read it; that may explain your error msg.

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